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Our Policies

We'll explain our current  policies on this page.

Privacy Policy

All contact information is kept strictly confidential. You name and address and other contact information will not be shared with any other group or company. You will be given the opportunity to receive information from the Sustainable Transport Club. All contact from that mailing list will be handled by Sustainable Transport Club and will not be given or sold to any other company or organization without your specific consent. You can ask to be removed from that list anytime and we will do so in the most timely manner available. That list will be kept on a secure server operated by a third party. We accept no responsibility for the actions of that third party. The Sustainable Transport Club will do everything it can to make sure that third party has the same standard of privacy as is laid out here.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

9 Village Park Way
Santa Monica, CA 90405