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The Sustainable Transportation Club is a network of people with a passion for creating a future free from dependence on fossil fuel. It is a coalition of people interested in electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles as well as mass transit and human powered things like bicycles. 

People working together for a secure, environmentally sound transportation future

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This Primer is a work in process.  You are invited to help turn this into the highest impact document we can possibly create. Get the current version and let us know how you can help.

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Feel free to contact  us at  310-450-7419. or email us by clicking here

Each of you has a unique role to play and that role becomes more powerful by joining with like minded people. This mailing list will allow you to receive information on the following:

  • Information about the meetings and events from the Sustainable Transportation Club
  • What makes and models are working and how to solve problems that come up
  • How to improve the performance of existing technology
  • What others are doing to solve their sustainable transportation needs
  • Updates on how other clubs are developing and solving their sustainable needs
  • Nuts and bolts of how to get alternative transportation working in your area

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We welcome anyone who wants to work to help make this happen. You may e-mail us by clicking here to let us know how you want to help.

You may want to learn what else you can do and how the community based organizing works. One of the people involved in this effort helped to start the farmers' markets in California including one of the first twenty Farmers' markets in the state. The History of the Farmers' Market Movement in California is a book that will show you how community based organizing can help change our way of life.   Click here to find to find out more.

We are interested in taking positive steps to build sustainable transportation systems. We are associated  with the Green Party and we welcome anyone who wants to create positive solutions to our changing times.

Thank you for doing your part

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