This project will show Southern California how transportation can be sustained beyond our dependence on foreign oil. The City has some great activists, city staff, and local representatives working together to bring this about. We need as many people as possible to get on board with this program.

The Sustainable Transport Club is acting to connect people together to create the results we need through grassroots community action.

Not only will this effort free us from our dependence on foreign oil, but it is what it takes to clean up our air and stop the production of green house gasses.

Creating sustainable transportation is not a matter of producing one solution. Rather it is a matter of piecing together an interconnected patchwork of solutions. The larger parts of that patchwork are listed below. We need your help to make these a reality. You can start right now by emailing your suggestions and your ideas about what needs to be done. Just send them to
Sustainable Transport Club
Santa Monica Project
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Creating a Local

Sustainable Transport System


Community Groups Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

The Main Parts of the Sustainable Transport Future Include:
Reducing the Need for Travel  
Human Powered Transport (bicycles, pedestrians etc.)    
Electric Cars  
Bio Fuels     
Neighborhood Transport Vehicles   
Mass Transit
Click on  these words to get more information about each of these elements
Whatever part of this sustainable transport mix is important to you, we need you on our team. We want you to be on the mailing list so you can keep up to date about this project. We need you to give us input about the details of implementing these ideas. And we need you to jump in and help out with the projects that come up in this effort.
Most importantly we need you to start using the most sustainable form of transport you can fit into your current life style.
You can use the information from the link
above to help with this.

The City of Santa Monica Project is a demonstration project that shows how your community can build a Sustainable Transport System.

The Sustainable Transport Club can help to implement such projects.
Get on our mailing list today to keep updated and working with us on this effort.
The Contact us link above will let you sign up for the mailing list.
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