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Staff Recommendation and Request


Sustainable Transportation Coordinator


We recommend that the city create a full time Sustainable Transport Coordinator.  The position will address the local problems of traffic congestion, parking and air quality.  It will also become a focal point for local action on the global issues of greenhouse gasses, climate change and importing foreign oil.


This person will be tasked with two main objectives:


  1. To help create and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive plan to build a sustainable system of transportation for the community.
  2. To implement a program for congestion and parking relief based on alternatives to full size automobiles as identified in the attached reports.


The full sustainable transport plan will be developed to integrate all the aspects of sustainable transport into a comprehensive system.  These elements include but are not limited to:


  • Reducing the Need for Travel  
  • Human Powered Transport (bicycles, pedestrians etc.)    
  • Electric Cars    
  • Bio Fuels     
  • Neighborhood Transport Vehicles          
  • Mass Transit

The plan will identify everything needed to support and foster the use of all these options.  It will layout the ways that various City departments need to participate and work together to make sustainable transport a priority in all their activities. It will line up all the budgetary items needed to implement the plan.  It will identify all the regulatory changes needed at the local level as well as legislative issues at the county state and federal level that need to be addressed.


The position would be assigned to the appropriate department and work with an advisory committee to establish priorities and direction.  That advisory committee would include the appropriate City management, City board members (at least a Planning Commission liaison) as well as at least three sustainable transport advocates from within the community.


The position is given the title of coordinator, as the work is primarily to help all the various parts of the City staff understand how their roles interconnect in building this system. The person will help staff understand how they can incorporate building the sustainable transport system into their ongoing work. The position would also monitor the progress of each department and provide reporting to the appropriate management channels.


This effort will include making it a priority to create a comprehensive solution and not a piece meal solution.  An example of how the piecemeal approach has become a problem is the disjointed nature of the bike lane. The lane have gaps that stop two blocks from important destinations like the 17th Street lane that stops at Michigan within sight of SMC but with two dangerous blocks left to get there.


This staff person will also work to coordinating the development of similar activity in areas adjacent to Santa Monica.  This will result in developing sustainable transport connections to all surrounding destinations including but not limited to:


UCLA, Century City, Culver City, Marina Del Rey and LAX Airport.


The coordination will also assure the integration of all sustainable elements into the access of high-speed mass transit including both trains and express buses for access to communities beyond our immediate neighbors.  This means working with city and county officials to coordinate planning and projects.


This project will take five to seven years to complete.  It could start with a half time consulting position that will initiate this effort and get the input necessary to layout the details of the overall plan and the steps that will be needed to complete it. This will result in a better identification of the actions needed over the duration of the project.



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