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For Our Children
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Specific ways to create Sustainable Transportation Solutions that could really get things moving with oil free transportation
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     How is our dependence on foreign oil making it almost impossible
for the economy to recover and create JOBS?

     How does changing our oil dependence help create JOBS?

     Why is the choice of vehicles so important to our economy?

If the problems like the gulf oil spill and the need for jobs is not enough to get you to help deal with this there are some other key concerns that might help. Here are two more questions you might be concerned about.

     Why is stopping our use of foreign oil so important for our CHILDREN?

     How does changing our oil dependence get your business growing again?

Click here for information on these questions
or use the "For Our Children" Link at the top left of these pages
The biggest blockage to sustainable transportation is that gasoline is the best energy source for getting people from one place to another (as long as you ignore the problems that go along with using it - something that is easy to do based on our current use). Gasoline allows billions of people to move as far as they want to relatively affordably, at high speed, with fast refueling and in affordable vehicles. The cost of the vehicles has been reduced to amazingly low levels by a century of development and production on the scale of tens of millions of units a year.
There are many people who already understand why we need to to free our country from our oil dependence. There are other people who like the idea but are not ready to start making the changes in their lives. Some of you are still holding back or have friends you wish would get with the program. Information on the following three questions could do the trick.

     That what you are doing really does make a difference.

     Why you should stop dragging your feet and start changing your life substantially and quickly.

     What you can tell your friends who are not on board yet

     What part our OIL DEPENDENCE plays in this

     What part our choice of the VEHICLES we drive plays in this.

These pages are specifically to encourage people to get with the program.
If you are not building your life around reducing your consumption of all things imported then this will give you the reasons to get going.
This should tell you:
The table below shows that we have sent close to SIX TRILLION DOLLARS out of our economy in the last decade alone. This is to pay for all sorts of things. Fortunately we have not been bleeding at that rate for very long. Then again if you add them all up we have just under eight trillion dollars that have left the country.
The Underlying Cause of Our Economic Problems is the Simple Fact that Our Money has Left the Country.

 Dollars Leaving the USA

Balance on current account - In Millions

1960 to 89 (30 Yrs)


1990 to 99 (10 Yrs)


2000 to 09 (10 Yrs)


40 Year Total


Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, International Economic Accounts, Table 1. U.S. International Transactions,
The US economy has huge holes from our balance of trade money drain and jobs leave the country down that drain.
If you want to make more jobs the classic answer is to pump more money into the economy. That approach worked for many decades and helped build our country. The approach is still working; it is just not working for the people in the United States.

The thing that has changed is that a large part of the money that is being pumped into our economy leaves the country really quickly. The net result is that jobs are created overseas with our trading partners. China, Canada and Mexico being the top three major beneficiaries.

Our national economic policy is now part of the globalization effect. We go into debt to try to stimulate jobs. The jobs we stimulate end up in other countries. That means we do not even get the income tax revenue from those jobs that would help pay back the debt.

The best we can hope for is that the other countries will want to at least buy goods
and services from the USA. This is happening to some extent but not enough to offset
the losses.
Could money leaving our economy at such a staggering rate be the underlying reason our economy is not recovering and
why we are not creating new jobs?
It becomes more likely that our balance of trade is at the root of our problems when you compare these numbers to what we produce in total goods and services. That information is available as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures provided by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce from their National Income and Product Accounts Table. Here are a couple of numbers that show what we are talking about

Gross Domestic Product
(millions of current dollars) 

Compared to Ten Years Balance  on current account



 United States GDP 2008


 California GDP 2008


 Balance  on current account   
 2000 to 09


What this shows is that the amount of money we have
Why is this issue not a bigger part of the political dialogue around the elections? Do we really not get the importance of this?
That is real business and the jobs sent overseas. It is also a tax base gone to support other governments. That leaves the U.S.A. without the income tax and taxes from corporate profits to pay back the government debt. The government then has to look to the smaller number of tax payers for revenue and that means higher taxes.

How can we hope to recover economically or create new jobs as long as money is leaving our country at this rate. This is exactly like people living on credit cards. Sooner or later you have to pay the piper or find a way to make a lot more money.

Fortunately we are a country that is capable of making a lot more money but we have to get on it NOW and really focus on stopping the money leaving our country. The information below and on the next few pages will show more of what this means.

One thing that you might notice in the rest of the data used in this report is that there are two ways to describe how much money is leaving our country. One way is the Current Account used above. This is technically the closest number to the net money leaving our domestic economy. The other set of numbers used are the balance of trade numbers. These are the more basic way to compare what is happening to our money. It is simply the difference in the value of exports verses imports. The difference between these two sets of numbers is around ten percent and that seems to be related to finance industry adjustments.

There is a troubling question about the balance of trade money draining from our economy.
sent out of the country is enough to pay for over three years worth of
all the goods and services produced in the State of California
Oil and Cars
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     How do oil dollars result in selling the U.S.A to overseas interests?

     What could that mean to your current job?

     How do these dollars relate to overcrowding in our cities?


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or use the "Selling the USA" Link at the top left of these pages
If the information about these questions is still not enough to get you to help deal with this there are even more concerns that might get you going. Here are three more questions you might be concerned about.
Once you get that we need to change, you will also see what a
key role Sustainable Transportation plays
in all this. This can include:

     Bringing the money drain from imported oil down to manageable levels

     Creating JOBS producing vehicles for our domestic market

     Building a new auto industry that can compete globally to create a positive balance of trade

     Making renewable sources of energy a viable part of our economy

There is a whole range of solutions included with the concept of Sustainable Transportation. These include developing viable mass transit systems that work for everyone like the ones in Europe and on the East Coast. It includes creating renewable and sustainable sources of bio-fuels including bio-methane from waste and sustainable sources of bio-diesel. It includes running cars and trains on electricity generated from renewable and sustainable sources.

Let us not forget the most time-tested source of sustainable transportation - the human powered transportation that includes walking and bicycling. Bicycles have improved so much in the last thirty years you may be amazed at how good these have become. These use renewable energy sources and has the much-needed added benefit of increasing fitness and reducing the pandemic of obesity.

This brings us to the Local Living element of building a sustainable economy. The more goods and services we can create locally for local consumption the less transportation we need. Cutting the need for transportation by building up our local communities has huge potential to cut our oil imports. Farmers markets are great examples of things that help on this level. Promoting local business over chain stores is another part of this as is supporting and creating local culture with restaurants, entertainment and local arts.

Not only does this issue relate to these sorts of solutions but the solutions also have great benefits when it comes to the quality of life in general.
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How can new technology hope to compete with gasoline?
The concept of the touring car, meaning a car that will let us drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco whenever we feel like it, is one thing that is holding us back. We all want a touring car incase we need to take such a trip. The problem is that we want all our cars to be able to do that. What if we had one touring car and the rest were more sustainable vehicles. This puts the focus on the second car as the solution.

The second car solution lets us have vehicles that only need to be able to get around in our local areas. These vehicles can be referred to as Local Use Vehicles or LUVs. LUVs can be ten times more energy efficient than a gasoline car and can run on renewable energy sources.
Click here to go to the website to learn more about this solution.
One of the key issues related to getting LUVs on the road is to do with how we get the cost down on these vehicles. The vehicles use new technology that is produced on the scale of thousands of units verses millions for gasoline vehicles. The new components like batteries are expensive even when produced in volume. There is a way to increase the volume by producing low cost second vehicles/LUVs that involves safety issues that are handled with the concept of a Medium Speed Vehicle (MSV). This is a key area for regulatory work that would help solve these pressing problems.
Click here to go to the website to learn more about this solution.
Click here to go to the contact page and join with us in creating the solutions.
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