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For Our Children
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This is an issue of the Quality of Life for Our Children
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Stop Oil Dependence
Stop Oil Dependence
Oil and Cars
Oil, natural gas and coal are our main sources of energy to keep our quality of life going. There is a huge supply of all these and we are using it up at increasingly fast rates. We are using it for all sorts of things including making tons of material that ends up as waste in landfills. We are using it to drive increasingly large vehicles over increasing distances. That is fun for us but how much will be available for our children and grand children in twenty years? How much will it cost them? What sort of quality of life will they have?

It is almost impossible to see all the complex elements to tell exactly when oil supplies will start to run dry. There are however a few things that seem pretty clear about oil at this point.
Here are a few of the relevant concerns.

     We use the most oil on the planet and the rest of the world owns the reserves.

    The U.S. reserves have all been identified pretty well; there may be a few more surprises.

     U.S. oil production has been declining since the 1970s

     The rest of the world has been looking for oil pretty hard for at least 30 years.

     Large finds are still showing up but they are smaller and smaller and harder to find.

    There are still large amounts of oil out there but almost all of it is
more expensive to produce than past supplies.

    The cost of getting to the remaining oil can include consequences like the Gulf Oil Leak.

     The cost can include destroying large areas for oil sands and oil shale.

     The cost can include military costs and wars to maintain our oil supply.

     Other countries will use whatever means they can to get their share of the oil and that includes terrorist attacks.

     We know that Peak Oil is going to hit eventually and things will get tougher from then on. (The peak may have actually hit in 2008 but only time will tell.) 

The quality of our life not only depends on the oil we use to drive around. It depends on the oil to produce basic essentials like food, clothing and housing. The oil to produce plastics is also part of this. If you spend a few days trying to avoid using plastics then you will see how our oil dependence impacts all parts of our lives.
So if you are planning on your children and grand children having a good life then it raises the question of where their energy will come from and how much will it cost? It points to the need to reduce our energy use now and to start building other sources that are renewable and sustainable.

Once this concept becomes clear we can start to see some of the irony in how we are handling things. Consider the parents who buy really big and heavy gas guzzling vehicles to keep their families safe. What they are really doing is using up the resources their children will need to live a good life as adults.

This should be enough to get you to start looking at the alternatives more closely and to start making the changes in your own life.
Why is Stopping our Dependence on Imported Oil
SO Important for Our Children?
The vast majority of the Local Use Vehicles web site is information about how to solve these problems. The positive side is the opportunities created by these challenges. Those opportunities mean new businesses and new jobs.

This website starts to show how that works and even more details are available by contacting our group. It would really be great if we could focus on that and get moving. Clearly however, there are people who do not seem to have caught on to what is happening and need to be given the information to push them into action.
More Money in our Domestic Economy Translates to
Better Business Across the Country.
The new auto industry will show up all over the country. Electric and natural gas vehicle parts are being engineered and produced in many places. Vendors and suppliers to the renewed industry have plants in many areas. Idle auto production plants are scattered around the country. This will mean dollars showing up in those communities first and spreading out from there.

The people who work in these companies will need goods and services from all parts of the country. The stockholders will be located in all sorts of places and will have stock profits and dividends to spend everywhere.

All of this puts dollars on Main Street to help businesses grow and prosper. Right now those dollars are going overseas so that companies there are prospering.
Click here to learn more about Local Use Vehicles (LUVS) and to see what sorts of companies can grow through the LUV Plan.
Click here to go to the contact page and join with us in creating the solutions.
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