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Stop Oil Dependence
Oil and Cars
How do Foreign Oil Dollars Result in
Selling the U.S.A. to Overseas Interests?
Vehicles like this Ford Ranger, Converted to Electric Drive can
Keep Our Money from Leaving to Pay for Foreign Oil.
Stop Oil Dependence
Keeping more of our dollars inside the economy
helps keep the prices we pay for goods low.
If you are still not ready to help make the change to LUVs then read on.
Which One of the Options Above Sounds Appealing?
Where did our balance of trade money go and
what will happen to it from here?
Specifically, what would happen if the company you work
for were taken over by another country or an overseas corporation?
There is only one of these that sounds good. Lets sell goods and services like its 1950!

Buying treasury bonds is reasonable. These are the paper that is created to cover the national debt. You know that thing that happens when the Government spends more than it takes in.

It is pretty nice of these countries to buy our debt. Now our National Debt is due to be paid back to these countries that have sold us oil, vehicles and manufactured goods over the last decades. The shear volume of these bonds being held overseas has consequences. The holders can have a strong influence over our financial policies as a country. They already have more to say about our policies than many states in this country.
When these overseas interests are investing in shares of American Companies, eventually they will be able to take controlling positions in these companies. With controlling interests they can follow in the traditions of corporate raiders everywhere and take over control of the companies management. Then they can gut the assets. Then they can take all the technology and patents. Finally the entire business would be run in the interest of the parent company.

Of course when they do that they will buy fewer government bonds. That means we will have trouble financing our debt and will have to pay more interest. You can figure it out from there.

The long and the short of this dollar deficit can be summed up as follows:

We bought Manhattan for a hand full of trinkets; the rest of the world is going about taking over America for barrels of oil, fancy cars, and inexpensive trinkets we are throwing in landfills.

Trading Partners that Received the Highest Dollars from the U.S. in the Last Decade

Top 7 Oil Trading Partners

Top 7 Trading Partners other Merchandise



Saudi Arabia











South Korea

How do these Oil Dollars Relate to Overcrowding in Our Cities?
We have all seen our cities getting more and more crowded. Freeway congestion is out of control in most places and it shows up in gridlock and problems parking and long lines in stores. Overcrowding is an important factor in the quality of life we experience.

So how does our dependence on imported oil have an impact on this? Well consider that all that money going overseas can come back in lots of ways. One way that oil money comes back to this country is in the form of immigration.

It is simple really. People in unpleasant parts of the world get money in their pockets and some percentage of them up and move to the U.S. We have been selling the U.S. culture for decades thanks to Hollywood. Our population density is much lower than much of the world. Our standard of living is better than many parts. We have freedoms, beautiful places to live and a wide-open economy.

It is a little like the Beverly Hill Billies except that they are coming from the countries that sell us oil and manufactured goods. With enough dollars in their pockets there is very little we can do to stop them. The closer the country the fewer dollars it takes.

Here is a list of the top seven trading partners for both oil and other goods.
Click here to see just how much money they received.
Part of the answer to this question is that the money is being used to run the world economy. Many countries have virtually adopted the dollar as the currency of choice. Oil is globally traded in U.S. Dollars as an example. The reason for that is the history of the U.S.A. doing a good job of managing their currency. It looks like that history has changed based information on this website, but lets not dwell too much.
As long as the world thinks the dollar is secure the currency will float around the planet keeping goods moving and people in jobs. If another currency, say the Euro or the Chinese Yuan were to start looking more stable and reliable then things might switch and the dollars will become worth less on the market. That would mean we would pay more for less.

The extra dollars put into the world market were absorbed pretty well through the 1990s. As you can see from the table above, the amount of wealth transferred overseas took off like crazy at the turn of the millennium.

There are a number of options for that money to get back into this country. Here are a few ways that the overseas companies and governments can send that money back.
What Could these Options Mean to Your Current or Next Job?

     They can buy up our Government Bonds including Treasury Bonds.

     They can buy up our real estate at bargain basement prices.

     They can buy up all our gold, silver and precious metals.

    They can buy up our natural resources from our mines and forests.

     They can buy shares in U.S. based Companies.

    They can buy controlling interest in U.S. Based Companies.

     They can bring the money back here carried by people immigrating to this country.

     They can buy goods and services from our companies and return the dollars as profits.

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This part of what is happening creates an irony. Consider guys standing around their big trucks and SUVs complaining about all the new people in town. The irony is that the gas and diesel they put in their trucks and the imported parts that keep their vehicles running is how the "new folks in town" got paid to make the move into the U.S. Like the song says did they really think about it when they made the rules!
If we consider the almost six trillion dollars that left our country in the last 10 years, Lets remind you just how big a trillion is.

1,000,000,000,000 = one trillion
A Million Times a Million = one trillion
Ten Million X $100,000 = one trillion dollars

Suppose that it takes a hundred thousand dollars to bring a family of four to the US legally. With six trillion dollars out there someplace that is enough money to bring 60 million families to America. While these are sure to be interesting and rewarding people, just how crowded do we want our country to become?

This should be enough to get you to start looking at the alternatives more closely and to start making the changes in your own life.
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