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International level trainers and speakers are available to create presentations for your organization. Whether it is a short speech for a group or an extensive training session, our group can accommodate your needs.

The Sustainable transport Club is a network of people who know how have put solutions to our oil dependence to work. This hands on expertise can help get you, your organization and our community moving toward oil free transportation.
Sustainable Transport Club
Santa Monica
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Stop Oil Dependence
Stop Oil Dependence
Outreach Education
Outreach Education
Outreach Education
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The Sustainable Transport Club has Experts and International Level Speakers Available.
Sustainable Transport Subjects Available:
Sustainable Transport Presentations and Workshops Provided to:

     Community Outreach and Education Groups 

     Corporate Planning and Development Groups

     City, County and Agency Planning and Development Events

     Fleet Development Workshops

     Stopping Our Oil Dependence

o       Creating jobs and building our economy

o       Why now more than ever

o       Practical steps to take today


    Sustainable Transportation

o       What it is and how to create it


     Local Use Vehicles

o       The second car solution to oil dependence

o       Creating a National goal to make LUVs the answer


     Consumers Guide to Electric Vehicles

o      How they work and how to get them working in your life

o       Tax credits, what you need to know


    Guide to Electric Vehicles for Techies

o       Volts, kWh, battery management and other cool stuff

o      Safety precautions and standards


     Bio Fuels

o       Limits, challenges and next steps

o       Bio-diesel, Methane and Ethanol, which and when

o      Hydrogen how it can fit or not!

o       Why natural gas vehicles are important


    Creating Bicycle Friendly Cities

o       From recreation to errands and commuting


    Mass Transit and Trains 

o       Building effective and long lasting transit solutions

o      High Density and Low Density Solutions

o       Grassroots, City, County and State Actions needed

o      Sustainable First and Last Mile Solutions

Anyone interested in scheduling a speaker for an event please get in touch through the email link below or by calling 805-652-1482. The subjects listed can be customized to include a mix of the subject headings listed.
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