One of the objectives is to get Sustainable Transport into the media. Building relationships with reporters and editors is one of the keys to being able to do that. The other key is to have events that are big enough to get the media’s attention. Including local politicians in the event can help as does having local and national celebrities.

One of the reasons the critical mass bicycle rides helped build the community is that they created a media controversy. The media loves controversy. Just try to do it without getting arrested or hurting yourselves.

A small but worthy media channel is your local community access programs. This includes both local cable access and local government access. Many city and county meetings get put out on local cable channels and this helps build your local following.

Social media like Facebook, twitter and my space have proven a huge help. Blogs and similar forums are also doing great work. The Club would like to build relationships with people who know how to work these channels. Please get in touch if you can help build that part of the community.
The foundation of our community solutions is to live your life as sustainably as you can. In terms of transportation this means walking, riding your bicycle, electric bicycle, electric motor scooter or electric motorcycle whenever possible. It means taking the bus or the train when it makes sense. It means driving your electric and biofuels cars and trucks.

It also means traveling less and doing more when you do travel. It means traveling with others when possible.

The problems with our dependence on oil and the emissions from our vehicles looks like a huge problem on an international scale. It is actually a personal problem that we can each solve for ourselves. If you do these things when you can, then you are claiming your personal solution.

When you do what you can then you are one of us and part of this club. The simple truth is that once the majority of people do this then the job is done. The change happens one person at a time.
The Club works on various projects to promote Sustainable Transport. This page will provide you with some ideas about what can be done. It will show how these efforts work out in the long run to make a difference.

Things have been pretty dynamic over the last ten years. The descriptions below will show that. All that it takes is for you to do what you can. You may take a small part and do that once or consistently for a few years. It may allow others to do what they can and together you will make a difference.

Do your small part and see where it goes. It may make all the difference to helping others do more.

The Club Newsletter features events and opportunities to take actions. You can submit your plans and we will do what we can to help get word out. You also get the chance to join in with others and their efforts from the newsletter information. The link to contact us above will get you your copy of the newsletters as they come out.
Sustainable Transport Club
Community Solutions
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Projects to Promote Sustainable Transport.
Be the Change You Want to See
Ride and Drive Events
The first few events we went to we invited people to join us after the events for test rides and group rides etc. Once the events got bigger we included ride and drive action with the event. Sponsors liked that and the recent Alt Car Expo had at least thirty different cars from major companies being test driven by thousands of people. Very cool stuff.
Government Advocacy
The Sustainable Transport Club has numerous advocates that have helped to grease the wheels of government to support the use and development of bicycles, EVs and bio fuels. The Santa Monica Project is the best documented and information on that is available through the links to that section.

Advocates can get a city or county moving by creating supportive City Council Resolutions, County Supervisors Resolutions, Climate Plans and Land Use and Circulation Elements of City General Plans. Having these documents clearly spell out support for sustainable options means that staff is obliged to do whatever is possible to realize the goals and objectives in these documents. Without these documents the staff has their hands tied and cannot do much to help.

There is an article on this website that discusses the need for more active engagement of City and County levels of Government. Working with County Supervisors, County Air Quality Management Boards and with City Councils is becoming the main focus for effective action.

Use this link to access that Article

It will continue to be important to work with state and federal levels of government. This requires a whole different level of action including broad based networking and fundraising. Plug In America and the state level Bicycle Coalitions are doing really great work at these levels. Local groups can help support that activity as well.
Create Your Own Local Club
You can call it a sustainable transport club which allows you to bring in a wide range of interests. You could make it a bicycle only club or even a local Bike Coalition. You could make it a local chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association or a local Plug In America group if it is all about electric vehicles. It might even be a Coop that does bio fuels or bicycles. People in our network have done all these things and more.

It is pretty easy to do this. The Sustainable Transport Club came into being because a local political group wanted to deal with our Oil Dependence. It could just as easily been an Iraqi Veterans group or some other concerned group of people. Some of the people got involved in the early days because we put signs on our vehicles to give people a way to contact us.

In addition to working with local groups, it can be pretty easy to just attend a few events with a table and simple fliers with a sign-up sheet. That can lead to more involved events like the ones described next.
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Group Rides
The bicycle community has shown us how effective this can be. People in San Francisco used this to get ridership really going in their town. They told lots of others about this and the people in Santa Monica gave it a try. The Critical Mass rides, the Midnight Riders, and several other groups really brought the bicycle community together. Some of the community loved it and some of them out of concern for their rowdy happenings. Love them or not, they are one of the most effective ways to get people on their bikes.

The bio-diesel people have used this effectively and more recently the EV Community is really making this work. It could be said that the Corvette Club helped to set the pace on this but then again there have been Model T Clubs for a good bit longer than that.

Monthly caravan drives with various EVs involved would help people to see how cool the vehicles can be.
Show and Tell Events
Take your EV, electric bicycle, regular bicycle or bio diesel car to a community gathering. Set up a table or just have a sign-up sheet. It could be an earth day event, a presentation on energy, oil, or any environmental issue. It could be a movie on a related topic. Community celebrations work just fine.

We did this for two or three years at five or six events a year. This became creating Sustainable Transport Villages at events in Santa Monica, Pasadena and in the South Bay. We connected with like-minded people in Santa Barbara who had the Green Car show going great guns. Before we knew it we were helping to create the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica in 2006.

Our people in Plug In America did more of the same and pretty soon we were all gathering in Santa Monica for a Parade. The second year of that and National Plug in Day was created. One year later and the second National Plug In Day included parades and ride and drives in 62 cities around the country. Great work PIA.
Media and Internet Actions
Articles and Newsletters
Articles and Newsletters
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Medium Speed Electric Vehicle Initiative
The Sustainable Transport Club has also done a lot of work to try to make more affordable EVs available on the market. One such effort was to try to get an additional class of vehicle that would be suited to producing reasonably priced EVs that would have better performance than a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).

That effort resulted in the Medium Speed Electric Vehicle Coalition which advocated for safety regulations appropriate for 35 mph vehicles.
Click here to learn more about the Medium Speed Electric Vehicle Initiative
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