We have yet to get a bestselling book out there that focuses on EVs and getting people to take the plunge. Having that could make a worthwhile contribution. There are some good supportive books we can put in the mix of all that.

There is a full draft of an EV book that could be effective in moving lots of people to get with the EV program. It has captures a good amount of the information that people on the Sustainable Transport Club mailing list have learned, created and shared over the last almost ten years of working together. There are stories about several of us in that book possibly including you. It covers all the concerns and questions we have had to handle about EVs over the years and brings all that together in one volume. It has a good amount of work to be done.

There is room to add more good stories and ways of helping people take the EV plunge. It will need a forward and reviews with contributor’s names on them. It will need and photo’s of vehicles with happy EV owners and advocate. It can be produced in customized editions for people that have a specific use for the material (i.e. a Plug-in America edition, a Sierra Club edition etc.). Anyone who has an interest in helping with this, please get in touch.

This book can be one of several books that we can bring together as various tools to get people out of the ICE age. Please let us know of any good volumes we can add to the mix for the promotional effort that lays ahead.

A good example of a book that makes a good adjunct for our work is the one by Craig Shields called “Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies, the tough realities as revealed in interviews with 25 subject matter experts.” Not only is Craig very knowledgeable but he has tapped the expertise of some very high level professionals in most of the renewable energy fields. There is depth of knowledge available that is hard to come by from any other source. It also shows the opinions that various people hold and the point of view that is forming those opinions. These will reinforce some of your opinions and give you a look at the alternative view points as well.

This information ties in directly to our efforts with EV adoption. It is a way to help ourselves and others have deeper and clear understanding of how renewables help attain our shared goals. It is available from the following link.
Getting electric drive vehicles on the road is one big way to shift all the problems tied to our use of crude oil based fuels. We have a good toe hole with over 40k EVs at the start of 2013. That still leaves 250 million more passenger vehicles to turn into EVs. Ok let’s just shoot for the first million!

What will that take? It will take a whole lot of focused effort.
What is it that you and I can do to help that to happen?
The big thing is Visibility!
One is to get information to millions of people every way possible including getting BESTSELLING BOOKS on the subject, more on that in a minute.

The other is to INCREASE THE VISIBILITY OF THE EVS we do have on the road. That can be done easily and at very little cost.

Both of these can go to the next level pretty quickly. This page will give you an idea about how you can do your part.
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Two specific things can help with EV Contagion
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Sticker, Decals and License Plate Frames
Here is an easy thing you can do to help with this. This applies to people who own EVs and to people who have friends who own them.

*** Make sure that everyone who sees the vehicle knows it is an EV with STICKERS, DECALS AND LICENSE PLATE FRAMES. ***

The link above for stickers and frames makes this possible and easy for you to do. This also helps support the efforts of the Sustainable Transport Club so it is a double win.

The hundredth monkey phenomena works faster and better if the monkeys actually communicate that they have a new and better way to do something. Not that EV drivers are monkeys, although I do monkey around a lot!
Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies
Articles and Newsletters
Articles and Newsletters
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Stickers and License Frames let people realize
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Click here to get the License Plate Frames, Phone and IPad covers etc.
What can be done to raise the visibility of the EVs that we already have out there? The vehicles blend in too well and not everyone can tell they are electric vehicles. The initiated know how to tell a Versa from a LEAF but how many others will notice the EV on the road. The Tesla’s are eye catching and hot but when they catch people’s eye do they know they are looking at an EV?

The Prius got this right when it was first introduced. Only a Prius looks like a Prius. The more often people noticed a Prius the more they became acceptable and the more of them that were sold.

The more EVs that people notice the more they will become acceptable and the more that will be sold. This makes intuitive sense. It ties into the whole concept of the tipping point in acceptance of a new technology. It relates to the concept of the hundredth monkey. It is what the science of influence refers to as providing social proof that something is worth doing. That concept is basic to effective advertising.
EV Visibility - A Prius is a Prius and EVs go unnoticed!
Getting word out with books is becoming a priority on this website. The idea is to have strong books that spell out why this is important and how to make EVs work in the real world. There is an effort going on at that level and you can get on board with that. Anything you might have to contribute is appreciated. Anyone interested in working to get the right books in peoples hands please get in touch.
It takes Books and Movies to change peoples thinking
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