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The past issues of our Newsletter include a lot of information. This will not only give you an idea of what to expect from the newsletters but it might also help you to get up to speed in becoming part of the group and part of the solution.

The newsletters have evolved over time since we first started sending them in 2004. The ones listed are the third generation. They have links back to the home page and internal navigation. The previous ones were sent in HTML as well but we will only be posting select articles from them in the Article section.

The Club Newsletter features events and opportunities to take actions. The focus is primarily for the Southern California area. These local events will give people all over the country and beyond an idea of what to look for and the sort of things that they can create to help move toward a sustainable transportation future.

It would help if we can include you and your local events in the newsletter. You can let us know what is happening in your area and we will do what we can to help get word out.

You can submit your plans and you also get the chance to join in with others and their efforts through the newsletter information.

The contact us link above will take you to the page to sign up to receive the newsletter directly.

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Past Issues of the
Sustainable Transport Club Newsletters
Newsletters Available Online
Listed by Newsletter Issue Date
Newsletter for August 2012
Newsletter for September 2012
The Sustainable Transport Club has been sending out newsletters since 2004. This was one of the first newsletters in this subject area. The Newsletter features articles about the evolving technology and vehicle deployment as well as about events and opportunities to take actions to get vehicles on the road.

Articles from the

Articles Available Online
Sustainable Transport Club Accomplishments February 2012
What have we done as a group?
Charging and Infrastructure
Category / Title Newsletter Issue Date
Demand Charges, How to prevent them from stopping people using EVs August 2012
Public Charging Prices, Would you pay $8.00 equivalent for a gallon of gas? August 2012
Why We DO NOT NEED a Charging Infrastructure Sept. 2012
Community Based Action
Sustainable Transport Technology
Do You Know What a Difference You are Making? June 2012
Natural Gas, The Good, the Bad and what is with that fracking! August 2012
Where Have the Electric Vehicles Gone? Sept. 2012

Sustainable Transport Club Newsletters 

Local Advocacy Becoming Increasingly Important August 2012
Click Here For more details about Local Use Vehicles or LUVs
There are numerous articles that are content rich and can help people move forward with the sustainable solutions available. These are being made available on line for the benefit of you and your friends and colleagues. They are listed below by subject category and each title is a link to the article.

These articles can also be accessed from the newsletters that are being posted as well. You can go to the newsletter section to see how that works. You can get the newsletters sent to you directly by signing up through the contact us button in the upper left of this page.

There are several articles that give an introduction to a specific area for action. There may be more in-depth information available from the experts in our network. Anyone interested in more in-depth information on any Sustainable Transport subject can request consultants, speakers or a more technically oriented white paper. Please send an email expressing your interest and we can get you on track.
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Newsletter for August 2013
Newsletter for August 2014
Newsletter for November 2013
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Santa Monica
Santa Monica
EV Stickers
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Newsletter for March 2014
Millions of Dollars Coming Soon to Create Charging Stations November 2013
Creating Successful Charging Sites November 2013
Train Stations, Will Charging Stations Succeed at Them? November 2013
Charging Station Survey for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties November 2013
Help the Book - Energy and EV Secrets - to Go Viral November 2013
DC Fast Charging, Making Sense of Costs and Fees November 2013
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Newsletter for August 2014