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The book Energy and EV Secrets has finally made it into the major online e-book retailers. This book can help to get the mainstream onboard with the EV Solution. It is primarily targeted to people new to EVs and who are not among the early adopters. Your help is needed to bring this book to the attention of as many people as possible – to help it go viral!

The e-book version is available after a huge effort and contributions from many people in our Sustainable Transport Club network. The book provides some of the information that so many of us have helped to accumulate about EVs and the many reasons to drive them. The various links below will give you more info.

This is one of those - it takes a village sort of things. I can only do so much and each of you kicking in a little effort can amplify and multiply all of that into something much more significant.

We are coming into the gift buying season so helping out sooner rather than later will give your efforts the chance to spread into your sphere of influence in time for the buying rush.

* Share it – by using the buttons on a website as well as forwarding a website address or this newsletter to your friends, family and mailing lists.

* Link it – putting this on your facebook or similar page or even your website, an EV discussion group, a blog or a users forum

* Like it – by using one of the buttons on one or more of the websites

* Quote about it – by adding comments on the online retailers’ websites and putting comments on blogs, user groups and forums.

* Review it – with a bit more information and a rating on the online retailers’ websites.

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Can you do what you can to help people get the book?
Put It on Your Website
Here is an active set of links so you can access them right now.
















The websites often have a small button that looks like an envelope. Clicking on those lets you send that web address to people. The twitter buttons work in a similar way.
It might be even better to use your email and address book to send out a message. Here is a message you can copy, change and send to your list of people.

* Share it

Creating Viral Events 101
Call (805) 652-1482, or send an email to
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Having the book online and people being able to find and use this information are two separate things. You can help with just a few minutes of your time. Those minutes can make a big difference in our efforts to create sustainable transportation. Here is a selection of ways you can do this by using the links provided further down this report.
Doing these things is one way anyone can help influence what people think about and, in turn, what people do. If everyone in our network did this for any event or something like this book then we could start a viral wave that would reach far and wide. This could be fun!

Some of you know how to do this and some of you will benefit from instructions on how you can take these actions and help something to go viral.
Have you ever wondered what people actually do to create a viral event like a youtube video that gets millions of hits? Here is some of what is involved broken down step by step. What steps can you take to help get word out?

One of the EV advocates I know has written a book you might find interesting. Check it out at these websites:

This guy has been working on EVs and other sustainable transportation efforts for ten years and has some good information to share. Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Your name etc. goes here

PS If you have not tried using e-books yet then this could be a good place to start. You can learn about how that works at:

* Link it and * Like it

These are two ways that social media sites have the power to help you create a viral event. This happens from buttons on the websites like the ones below. These buttons do three things that help something to go viral.

1. People on your networks can find the links and the information you like.

2. Amazon and Barnes and Noble track how often links are used for each page. Those numbers may help to increase the exposure of that page for people looking for books.
3. The links created on social media sites helps the internet search engines to find the information and move it up on the related search results.

The way to use these things is to log onto all social media sites as you currently use. If you do that first your log-in will make the next steps go more smoothly. You then go to the pages on the links above and use the like and link buttons – that starts the word spreading quickly far and wide.

The online retailer sites have various buttons to let you do these things. The social media buttons on the Amazon site are on the right hand side just below the boxes with other ads. With Barnes and Noble, they are just below the title on the right side.
Here is a list of the social media sites that work along these lines.
Some of these may not require that you set up an account. They may work through Facebook, google or a similar system. So log into what you have and see which buttons let you create a little influence with the rest of the world. If you would like to increase your ability to influence a few more things, then creating new accounts may help with that.
Oh yeah, this makes good stocking stuffer or employee appreciation sort of gift as well. It is a gift that people can email. Those of you who might want to send gift certificates for the book can send individual certificates from the online retailers. You can also give to lots of people with bulk purchase options that can save money. Learn about bulk buying from the link above for

It is our intention to have a limited number of printed copies available for those of you who might want to give people an actually hard copy. You can reserve a copy and get updates from that same website.

That website also has a whole page to help you get up to speed about using e-books. The technology is pretty impressive and easy to use with a reasonably short learnng curve.
People with a website can go one step further. That would be to put the book on your site and promote it that way. You can do this with a link to one of the sites listed above. That will help build the prominence of the book on those sites. You may want to benefit from retailers affiliate programs as well. You can also contact us and we can make arrangements to sell the e-book directly and increase your return on the effort. This might make a nice way to get some financial support for your efforts.

The intention behind this book is to have it benefit as many people and organizations working to get EVs on the road. There are more details about that at the website:
Get and Give a Copy
This is not only a step toward getting more sustainable transport on the road. It is also a way to support this newsletter and the work that we put into getting EVs and related transport on the road. That is a two for one sort of thing.
Your contributing a few minutes of your time would be appreciated.
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Links to help others find this information
There are all sorts of group communication tools that can helps spread the word about something like a book. Almost every model of EV has a users group that can mention such a thing. Anyone who is part of one can post a comment and a link.

There are forums for different topics that relate to EVs, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, EV charging and all sorts of other related topics. This includes the Yahoo and Google groups on related subjects. Mentioning the book there will help draw more of those people into the EV solution.

Many bloggers and online reporters allow comments on thier site. Any discussion about energy or EV related topics are another way to drop in a mention about the book. Using the name of the book may be enough. Adding a link to the books website would be good if that is cool for the discussion situation.
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