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The move to Sustainable Transportation is happening and we are part of that. The next few years have very exciting prospects and there are things you can do to help move that forward. Details are below.

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Russell Sydney
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Author of Energy and EV Secrets

National Plug In Day

You are Invited 

The National Plug in Day 2013 is moving forward with over sixty locations. People around Southern California and across the country are working together to support electric vehicles. You are invited to join us for a day of team spirit with other EV drivers and enthusiasts. This event is specifically to answer question for EV curious, so they are very welcome.

Help the next wave of EV drivers to learn that EVs are here and they work great!

In addition to having some great locations there will be some awesome activities like ride and drives. Here in Ventura we will have some music there as well.

The central idea of this is to show people that EVs are a big part of our lives and just how cool EVs really are. It would be great to hear from EV drivers who want... MORE

Reaching Beyond the Choir with Energy and EV Secrets

The mainstream is slowly warming up to EVs. What is it that the mainstream needs to start using EVs? What will it take to get that to happen really quickly?

These questions are really asking how to make EVs super contagious. The upcoming book series Energy and EV Secrets is focused specifically on that goal.  There are two volumes well on their way and a third in early development.

One of the many parts involved starts by touching everyone’s personal needs The idea is that they can take the pain at the pump and let it drive them to the EV Solution. Another part is taking away the fear of making the change and showing them how to do use EVs easily and effortlessly.

Energy and EV Secrets Available by National Plug In Day.

The first book in this series is taking the view that the mainstream cares about specific things. It shows how national security, foreign oil, the economy, creating good jobs and the price at the pump are all tied to the EV Solution. It even spells out ... MORE

Fast Charger in Thousand Oaks

Opens Up the Region to LEAF Drivers

The City of Thousand Oaks along with the County of Ventura has installed the newly operational DC Fast Charger. It is a Blink Unit installed at the intersection of HWY 101 and Hwy 23. Special thanks are due to Stan Cowan at the VCAPCD and Graham Watts with the City of Thousand Oaks.

This opens up a whole area of travel for EVs in this region. This is a good example of how to expand your regional driving in an EV. Here are the specifics.

Chademo Now, SAE is Possible

This will work for LEAF drivers and MiEV drivers and any vehicle with the Chademo Quick Charger equipment. Sorry this does not work for Tesla’, RAV4 EVs, or the upcoming Chevy Spark EV.

The unit at this location is capable of having on Chademo connection and one SAE Dual J Plug fast charge connection. SAE Dual J Plug will work for a Spark and... MORE

Making EVs Visible

Can Help Make EVs Contagious

We have all seen videos go viral. The iPhone and iPad showed us how technology can be contagious. Now we need EVs to go to that level and get as many EV drivers as we have iPads users.

There are many parts to taking the technology to that level. We have a good toe hole with over 40k EVs at the start of 2013. That still leaves 250 million more passenger vehicles to turn into EVs. Ok let’s just shoot for the first million!

The recently released book called “Contagious” goes into detail about how this works. It can be a good guide for the EV community to figure out how to become more effective in our work.

What will it take to make EVs contagious? What is it that you and I can do to help that to happen?... MORE

Eighth Annual AltCar Expo

Returns to Santa Monica in September

September 20-21 at the
Santa Monica Civic Center,
1855 Main Street in Santa Monica.

The Expo is open free to the general public both Friday and Saturday,
The fleet conference will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, September 20.
This year’s event will feature a number of vehicle debuts as well as a free-to-the-public, Ride & Drive that will include: electric, natural gas, propane, biofuel, ethanol, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid powered technologies.

A “Ride & Drive” event and car showcase is free-to-the-public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both Friday and Saturday. 
For further information, visit or
call (310) 390-2930.


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